Israel's military sports.

by Miguel de Icaza

Darts in the chest: just following orders.

Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter's published an interesting piece in the Washington Post: The Troubling Face of America.

September 11

A new piece from Howard Zinn talks about the ignored issues after September 11.

This reminds me I also found something interesting from the Freedom of Information Act a few days ago. This includes the Church Report that describes the covert operations of the US in Chile, and the financing of anti-Allende activities including the organization of the 1973 State Coup.

The State Coup was carried out on on September 11 1973. Estimates range from six thousand people killed to ten thousand during the first few weeks of the dictatorship.

Posted on 07 Sep 2002

Chomsky on Iraq

by Miguel de Icaza

New Interview with Chomsky on Iraq

Posted on 06 Sep 2002

We dont have any photos...

by Miguel de Icaza

of his weapons of mass destruction... -- From the Independent.

War Blogs

Today as I was reading Trevor's log I found a link to Warblogger watch. This is a site dedicated to keeping an eye on all the nutcases advocating war.


Microsoft Research released their prototype CLR and C# compiler with support for generics

Posted on 05 Sep 2002

Israel: terrorist state.

by Miguel de Icaza

30 of 49 Palestinians killed by Israel in August were civilians and other stories of Israel state terrorism.

Hardly a controversial view, here is Noam Chomsky addressing the same question


Girlfriend Ana has setup a new web page

Posted on 03 Sep 2002

New Blog Software

by Miguel de Icaza

I have avoided updating my activity log, because I wanted to run it using a Mono-based logging software. I have various of the pieces in place already (rss, macros for my site, and a replacement for the text processor I have). But I wanted to have a better mechanism to maintain the log, and get a new design, because the one you see right now is terrible.

Anyways, instead of doing this, I have been working on mPhoto: a scalable image viewer (an image widget currently) so Nat can stop using his MacOS X to browse his 10k+ picture collection and use Mono/Linux.


Israel maintains the Palestinian population under curfew. This madeness began in April. How would you like to have spent the last five months of your life under curfew, without food to give to your children, without a chance to see a doctor, or get the medical supplies you need.

Ariel Sharon, who was held responsible for the massacre of Shabra and Shatila

Nobody should be above the law, nobody should be able to violate international law, and nobody should be allowed to violate human right, and much less in the scale that the state of Israel is doing.

35 years of military occupation, 35 years of living under military law, 35 years of racial discrimination in the territories that lawfully belonged to your population.

By actions like the summary executions, bombing of a family complex where an alleged Hamas leader lived (killing 11 children) without due process, only puts Israel on the same moral ground as the terrorists.

The Israel government is not interested in eliminating terror, it is interested in ethnically cleaning the Palestinian population.


Former UN Weapons inspector has testified that Iraq does not pose a threat to their neighbors; that Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction (as opposed to the US weapons of mass love); that Iraq does not pose a risk to the United States.

He pointed out in an interview with Jon Stewart that since Saddam Hussein has been demonized, a whole range of diplomatic options have been removed from the table. Again, we, as civilized humans have the duty to attempt every possible diplomatic option before resorting to meassures that would lead to loss of human life.

He also advocated on that very interview that sanctions to Iraq should be dropped. He did testify about this in Congress as well. Of course, Iraq is already being bombed routinely. Sounds like a violation of international law.

Posted on 30 Aug 2002

Failed Cloning of Rupert.

by Miguel de Icaza

Jose Antonio Sol�s tried to do a Rupert clone by using advanced bio-engineering techniques but failed. Here is the result of the experiment:


New type lookup system in the compiler has been deployed, fixing many existing problems. Martin Baulig has also joined Ximian and has been killing many pending bugs in the compiler, and the compiler is more robust than ever.

There is also a faira amount of Mono coverage this week, as I am doing a presentation at O'Reilly with the latest and greatest about Mono.

Cover story on eWeek, InfoWorld and the Ximian press release Enterprise Systems picked me in their top 100 power-picks I got #18.

Posted on 22 Jul 2002

by Miguel de Icaza

Posted on 20 Jul 2002

Gnome Summit

by Miguel de Icaza

Today it was the second day of the Gnome Summit. Peter took various yesterday, which are now available here .

I arrived at MIT around 2pm, and went to the hacking room. But found nobody there, which I found quite surprising. It would take me 90 minutes to figure what had happened: everybody was at the Rob Pike presentation. At this point, I ran to the presentation, but people were coming back, and found Rob with a group of people coming towards the hacking room.

The good news is that the discussion about Rob's work continued on the hacking room, and I got to catch up on his presentation on the plumber. As part of his plumber presentation, there were various Plan-9 features discussed, which are always nice to see.

Posted on 19 Jul 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

The big news today is that Paolo fixed the last remaining problems in the runtime and the compiler and we are now completely self hosting on Linux. Which is good.

I am still working on the new type lookup system that should close various bugs in the compiler.

Martin Baulig will be an intern over at Ximian for a couple of weeks during the summer. These are great news, because he is the man behind the debugging support in Mono. Great news. Just great.

Duncan has been busy writing sample applications for Gtk#, so we can stress test the bindings, and we can have something nice to show for the O'Reilly conference.

Posted on 16 Jul 2002


by Miguel de Icaza

I have signed my lease to my new apartment. Very cool, and in a nice location. Will be moving out by the end of August.


Switched to the development branch of Evolution (RupertZilla) for my day to day work. I use a peculiar view of the calendar and have a lot of information, which made Evolution 1.0.x quite slow. The new version is about three times faster.

Also, incorporating e-mail into evolution is dramatically faster for indexed mailboxes, thanks to Michael Zucchi for the new indexing engine which can cope much better with large volumes of e-mail.

Finally, the new user interface touches are really nice in RupertZilla, something that I was missing. I decided to switch because all of the bug reports that I had filed before in Bugzilla have been taken care of now.

Also, the new composer is gorgeous, and allows for multiple-language spelling. Since I write in Spanish and English this is very helpful.

Posted on 15 Jul 2002

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