TweetStation is a twitter client designed to elevate the level of discourse on Twitter, reduce your stress levels and help you become a better Twetizen. It is feature packed but also embraces a particular a particular style of Tweeting.

At a conceptual level, this is achieved by applying the cardinal rule of not taking anything too seriously, specially any interactions you might have online.

Getting TweetStation

Using iTunes, download it from the AppStore. If using your device, search for "TweetStation" on the AppStore.

Improving Your Tweets

At a practical level this is achieved with two features. The first feature plays back chicken noises whenever you request more Tweets. The chicken noises have been engineered to remind you that no matter how important an argument appears to be in Twitter, you should not take it too seriously.

When you compose a message with TweetStation music starts playing back in the background. This music was specially selected to elicit in you the desire to write a witty and clever response. The kind of tweet that your local newspaper would publish in the front page, or in their "Social Media Expert" column.

Open Source

The source code to TweetStation is available under the MIT X11 license for anyone to use, learn or make improvements to.