Sales Force app built with MonoTouch

I do not blog very often about apps built with MonoTouch, but this application is drop-dead gorgeous.

It is a tool designed to be used by the sales force of a company.

You can download the app from the Apple AppStore and try it on "demo" mode. What I love about this application is how they took advantage of UIKit and CoreAnimation to create a beautiful enterprise app. It does not stop there, they use everything iOS has to offer:

Enterprise software has a reputation for being hostile to end-users. This shows that you can create great end-user software for users in the enterprise. If you were looking for inspiration for your own enterprise apps, this is the app to look for.

Posted on 12 Aug 2011 by Miguel de Icaza

MonoMac add-in for MonoDevelop

After a small hiatus we are back.

If you have been using MonoMac to build MacOS applications, we have just released an update to the MonoDevelop.MonoMac add-in that should fix the problem with packaging your applications on Lion.

This update just contains a critical fix and delivers the add-in to all three MonoDevelop platforms in use today: our stable MonoDevelop 2.4, the 2.6beta3 and for the fearless among you MonoDevelop/master.

This was just the first step in maintaining the add-in. I had to sort out the build setup for all three branches and the pipeline to deliver the updates. Now that I got things in place, I will be able to fix some of the other problems that have been reported.

If you are running into problems with MonoMac, please file your bugs at the new home for the Mono bug reports at

Posted on 03 Aug 2011 by Miguel de Icaza
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