MonoMac 0.4 is out

We have just released MonoMac 0.4. Installation is very easy, just follow the steps in our MonoMac site.

Still Motion sample in C#

StillMotion C# sample

We are very happy with this release as this is the first time that MonoMac can be used to build real applications for OSX. There are three major reasons for this:

  • Our API coverage for all core Mac APIs is in place.
  • We have completed many of the gaps in the MonoMac engine.
  • With our community, we have been porting various samples that have helped us polish the API and make sure that it is natural and usable for C# programmers.

In addition to those fundamental changes, MonoDevelop now also sports a new NSDocument-based template for new projects which will come in very handy for many developers.

The major changes in MonoMac 0.4 from version 0.2 released in early November are:

  • MacCore (code shared with MonoTouch):
    • Support for Key Value Observing with C#
    • Foundation extensions:
      • C# friendly NSNotificationCenter APIs
      • NSPredicate support
      • NSMetadata support
      • Strongly typed NSRunLoop
      • Extended NSError, NSMutableData,
    • CoreVideo framework bindings
    • Security framework bindings
    • CoreGraphics support for PDF files
  • MonoMac:
    • QTKit framework bindings
    • NSDocument templates in MonoDevelop
    • WebKit DOM APIs
    • CoreImage APIs
    • ECMA XML Documentation stubs are now in place
    • Lots of samples!

Michael Hutchinson has a walk through on using MonoMac with MonoDevelop that will get you up and running quickly.

We are still looking for contributors to help us bring more samples to MonoMac, create more MonoDevelop templates and help us add more of the system libraries to MonoMac. If you want to join us, check out the mono-osx mailing list and we are on the IRC channel #monomac on the server

Posted on 03 Dec 2010 by Miguel de Icaza
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