MonoMac Happy Holidays Edition is out!

Just in time for your holidays, we have baked a new version of MonoMac. As usual, installation is very easy, just follow these steps.

As for some stats: 224 developers downloaded the MonoMac 0.4 add-in for MonoDevelop in the previous release, not bad at all!

These are the changes since MonoMac 0.4

  • API Documentation!
  • New in CoreAnimation:
    • Layout managers
    • Constrained layout manager
    • CATextLayer can now set its font with the WeakFont property, or the SetFont () strong types.
  • CoreGraphics:
    • CGAffineTransform.Invert () method to obtain the inverse of an affine transformation
  • Foundation
    • NSObject.FromObject method automatically boxes .NET types into NSValue, NSString or NSNumber objects.
    • Convenience function to create NSArrays from object [] arrays and using the new NSObject boxing functionality.
    • New NSIndexSet convenience factory method and ToArray method
    • NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary have convenience methods that take object [] arrays, and do the boxing automatically (using the new NSArray functionality described above)
  • AppKit:
    • DoubleClick event on views that have support for double click actions (instead of using the DoubleAction selector + Target)
    • NSTableView has a new Source property that can be used to blend both Delegate and the table view data source into one (NSTableViewSource which combines NSTableViewDataSource and NSTableViewDelegate)
    • New: NSPredicate family of classes
    • New: NSRuleEditor
  • AddressBook library:
    • We used to ship the source, but now it is included in the binary library.
  • CoreImage:
    • New in this release.
  • WebKit:
    • Many events that were previously only exposed as Objective-C style delegates are now proper C# events.
  • Engine:
    • Improved methods with return structures
    • Improved string [] marshalling
    • Now with INativeObject marshalling

We have also updated the samples and added a few more.

Posted on 15 Dec 2010 by Miguel de Icaza
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