MonoTouch 5.0 is out

Yesterday we released MonoTouch 5.0, the companion to Apple's iOS 5.0 release.

Apple tends to ship Objective-C APIs that are configured through an NSDictionary instance containing configuration keys. With MonoTouch 5.0, we continued our work to improve over NSDictionary-based bindings by creating strongly-typed versions of those APIs.

In the next couple of days, I will be sharing some of the new features in iOS 5.0 and how to take advantage of those using C#.

Meanwhile, our documentation team has produced an amazing Introduction to iOS 5.0 for C# developers and put together some samples showing how to use some of the new features in iOS 5:

  • Storyboard: shows how to use Storyboards from C# and showcases the integration between Xcode 4 and MonoDevelop 2.8
  • CoreImage: shows our bubilicious strongly-typed API for CIFilters, it is in my opinion, a huge usability upgrade over the NSDictionary-based approach.
  • iCloud: Basic iCloud use.
  • Twitter: Post new tweets and query twitter for data.
  • Newsstand: A complete sample showing how you can integrate with the new Newsstand APIs to publish your own periodicals. We wont be submitting this sample for the Apple Design Awards, but it shows how to use the framework.
Posted on 13 Oct 2011 by Miguel de Icaza
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