MonoMac Refresh!

We just pushed a new refresh of MonoMac. This release contains:

  • New complete bindings: QuartzComposer, CoreWlan, PdfKit, ImageKit and Addresbook.
  • AppKit: new classes: NSBezierPath, NSGradient; convenience methods for NSColor, NSTableView, NSMenuItem, and NSPasteboard.
  • CoreImage's CIVector and support in AppKit for CoreImage.
  • WebKit indexers and support for reporting user decisions.

In our shared core with MOnoTouch, these are the changes:

  • CoreGraphics: Support for transparency layers.
  • Foundation: API helpers to make NSIndexSet more pleasant to use; new methods to control the NSRunLoop; NSUrlProtocol and NSUrlProtocolClient classes.
  • ObjCRuntime: Exposed the shared library loading code and convenience methods to pull constants from shared libraries.
  • KeyChain: expose new methods for common operations (managing internet passwords)
  • CoreAnimation: bound a few missing constants.
  • OpenGL: new CAOpenGLLayer type.

Many new samples are now included with MonoTouch. Kenneth has contributed various ported samples from the CoreAnimation book exercising the API, fixing it, and providing many samples for developers to get started. We now ship 32 samples covering a wide range of Mac APIs.

Contributors to this release include: Geoff Norton, Alexander Shulgin, James Clancey, Maxi Combina, Regan Sarwas, Michael Hutchinson, Ashok Gelal and Miguel de Icaza.

Additionally, the first MonoMac app has hit the Mac AppStore!

Some small stats: MonoMac 0.4 was installed by 263 developers, MonoMac 0.5 by 369 developers, and MonoMac 0.6 (our last release) by 588.

Posted on 02 Feb 2011 by Miguel de Icaza
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