MonoMac hotfix

Hylke Bons warned us of a limitation in our MonoMac packager so we are issuing a new MonoMac refresh that fixes various bugs:

  • Supports using Mono.Posix.dll in packaged bundles.
  • Supports using System.Drawing in packaged bundles.
  • Fixes various BCL P/Invokes problems (we forgot to ship the config file :-)
  • No longer requires Mono 2.8.1, works with any mono 2.8+

Follow the standard instructions to update your MonoMac add-in.

Hylke then got his native Mac client for SparkleShare (a DropBox-like system, but backed up by Git or any Git hosting sit) working as a bundle on OSX.

Posted on 06 Feb 2011 by Miguel de Icaza
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