Cleaned up the office. You get to wonder how I can convert a room into a pig hole in so little time.


Got the new typeref system in place. Now have to figure out whether I want to use my own internal -and large- parse tree types as the internal type representation, or bite the bullet and implement a Type interface, and access both the Reflection types and my internal types through this interface.

I need to research what other compilers do.

Did some massive all amateur printing action today.

I discovered today that my compiler is designed in the very same spirit as Guavac is. Funny.


I had the most innovative idea that would change the way we think about the web. Alex claims my idea is lame, Jeff thinks I am a genius!


I saw Aethera from the Kompany in action. Not much in there, only a few menus work, and the rest seems to be a lot of GUI, but there is not much being done in there.


Found a few problematic areas that could be improved to enhance the user experience. So much to do.

Contribute to GNOME! Look at

Posted on 21 May 2001 by Miguel de Icaza
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