Alberto Gonzales' Amnesia

Regardless of whether Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is innocent or guilty on the case of the fired Federal Prosecutors, it seems that the guy has a severe case of amnesia.

In my opinion, he should yield the position just on the grounds of exhibiting very strong signs of senility.

Senator Grilling

One Republican senator told Gonzales (paraphrasis), regarding all the incompetence in the whole deal:

"The exact same standards [that you applied to the firing of the prosecturos] should be applied to you"

"Why shouldn't those standards apply to you?"

"you ought to suffer the consequences that others have suffered, the best way of put this behind is for you to offer your resignation".

Gonzales' reply is "Good work is being done, I will rectify".

Posted on 19 Apr 2007 by Miguel de Icaza
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