ASP.NET AJAX in Mono/Grasshopper

Noam Lampert posted an update on the ongoing efforts at Mainsoft to implement the ASP.NET AJAX APIs for Grasshopper and Mono.

Mono's implementation of ASP.NET AJAX is limited to the server components. Luckily the client-side library is effectively open source under the terms of the Ms-PL license (same one used by IronPython, DLR; it lacks the OSI stamp of approval, but it is effectively a FLOSS license).

A bunch of AJAX-enabled ASP.NET components are also being developed in an open source way. You can check out Microsoft's sampler here.

In other news, Mainsoft has also launched, an aggregator for all-things Grasshopper, .NET on Java and Mono. Check it out!

Posted on 13 Jul 2007 by Miguel de Icaza
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