MonoTouch 3.0

We have just released MonoTouch 3.0.0 with support for iPhoneOS 4.0's new APIs. To try it out, you need to have Apple's iPhone 4.0 SDK installed otherwise MonoTouch 2.0 wont let you download the new toolkit (since it is Apple confidential at this point).

This release is a preview, the final release will be some sort of 3.0.XX number.

This release includes API support for the features that Apple announced last week, in broad terms:

  • Background application support
  • iAd support
  • Local notifications
  • Game Center support
  • Support for enterprise data protection

We also sneaked in some new work that is not bound to the iPhoneOS 4.0 API and can be used when building for iPhoneOS 3.1.x and 3.2.x:

  • Size reductions:
    • Linker updates to reduce executable size
    • More fat trimmed from the final executable.
    • "Hello world" is 500k slimmer now
  • Native support for Objective-C blocks on the binding generator:
    • Exposed as C# delegates
    • Both lambdas and anonymous methods can be used as blocks
    • Standard C# semantics for variable capturing
Posted on 16 Apr 2010 by Miguel de Icaza
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