by Miguel de Icaza

Went to the Marriot in Cambridge to meet with a bunch of people that were attending a micro open-source summit organized by Michael Tiemann at Red Hat.

Interesting things were discussed (the validity of the Open Source message these days, .NET, the future of Open Source, people we would like to see involved in the effort, etc).

The participants included: Mitchell Baker, Russ Nelson, Jim Gettys, Andre Durand, Dan Frye, Phil Greenspun, Ben Adida, Michael Tiemann, Guido van Rossum, Tim O'Reilly, Chris Blizzard (this is the official list, and actually there were a few differences with the actual attendees).


We released Ximian GNOME 1.4 today (The Prion release), it is pretty cool, it includes `MonkeyTalk' a support chat system integrated with the desktop and it also includes Red Carpet 1.0, our super perfect package management system. It is a cross platform installation and update system which just totally rules.

We also have a few nice improvements in it: an improved GtkFileSelector dialog as well as integration of GMC and Nautilus desktop directories and automatic reloading of contents of the desktop. Mozilla was modified to save downloaded files in your desktop, so it all works out very nicely.


Ana left for Mexico this morning as I was on the Open Source summit.

In the afternoon I catched up with the guys that were celebrating the Ximian GNOME 1.4 release.

Posted on 24 Apr 2001