Building a new Arc

The Jesus General makes an appeal to the Gates Foundation to rebuild Noah's Arc given that the Foundation is funding the Discovery Institute to promote ``intelligent design'' (through CrooksAndLiars).

Update: A reader comments that the funding to the Discovery Institute is for project Cascadia for transportation alternatives in the Northwest. Seems like that ruins the fun of the Jesus General post.

I enjoy reading the Jesus General: `An 11 on the Manly Scale of Absolute Gender'.

In the meantime, one of my favorite BillMon's is his post: "Bring Me the Head of Hugo Chavez".


I just got an email from one of the Airlines I fly on notifying me of a terrific opportunity: they will now have more seats in coach. In the email they seemed to be pretty psyched about it. I mean, really excited about it they even mention that they will continue to provide snacks.

Meanwhile I was thinking `There goes the legroom'.

Posted on 30 Aug 2005 by Miguel de Icaza
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