Building a new Arc

by Miguel de Icaza

The Jesus General makes an appeal to the Gates Foundation to rebuild Noah's Arc given that the Foundation is funding the Discovery Institute to promote ``intelligent design'' (through CrooksAndLiars).

Update: A reader comments that the funding to the Discovery Institute is for project Cascadia for transportation alternatives in the Northwest. Seems like that ruins the fun of the Jesus General post.

I enjoy reading the Jesus General: `An 11 on the Manly Scale of Absolute Gender'.

In the meantime, one of my favorite BillMon's is his post: "Bring Me the Head of Hugo Chavez".


I just got an email from one of the Airlines I fly on notifying me of a terrific opportunity: they will now have more seats in coach. In the email they seemed to be pretty psyched about it. I mean, really excited about it they even mention that they will continue to provide snacks.

Meanwhile I was thinking `There goes the legroom'.

Posted on 30 Aug 2005