Linuxers, BSDers, FLOSSers, GNUers, OSSers, Mysqlers, Gnomers, KDErs, Monoers, Javaers, PHPers, I invite you to donate to Obama through the LinuxersForObama campaign hosted at web site.

If you are a US citizen, or a legal immigrant (green card holder), you can contribute 10, 20, or perhaps 2,300 to the Obama campaign.

You can donate here

I called the campaign "LinuxersForObama" because its short. I know it should have been called "GNULinuxBSDApacheX11PythonPerlMySQLPostgressPerlRubyJavaRailsMonoForObama", but it was getting hard to type.

And if you are a Windowser or Mac()er, but you like how Linuxers stick it to the man, feel free to donate to my LinuxersForObama campaign.

In retrospect, I should have created one campaign per product, and use that to settle once and for all, which is the best FLOSS project.

Posted on 18 Apr 2008 by Miguel de Icaza
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