by Miguel de Icaza

Linuxers, BSDers, FLOSSers, GNUers, OSSers, Mysqlers, Gnomers, KDErs, Monoers, Javaers, PHPers, I invite you to donate to Obama through the LinuxersForObama campaign hosted at web site.

If you are a US citizen, or a legal immigrant (green card holder), you can contribute 10, 20, or perhaps 2,300 to the Obama campaign.

You can donate here

I called the campaign "LinuxersForObama" because its short. I know it should have been called "GNULinuxBSDApacheX11PythonPerlMySQLPostgressPerlRubyJavaRailsMonoForObama", but it was getting hard to type.

And if you are a Windowser or Mac()er, but you like how Linuxers stick it to the man, feel free to donate to my LinuxersForObama campaign.

In retrospect, I should have created one campaign per product, and use that to settle once and for all, which is the best FLOSS project.

Posted on 18 Apr 2008