In LA for the Microsoft PDC

After a great week in Copenhagen with the Unity community I spent 14 hours on a high-tech tin can flying to LA for the Microsoft PDC conference.

Mono Talk

I am doing a talk on Wednesday at 4:45 in room 515B.

Unlike previous talks that I have done about Mono, this is an advanced talk and will skip over all the generalities and go straight to Mono CLI/C# features and innovations.

I decided against talking about Moonlight or APIs, as information about can be better learned elsewhere.


There has been enough leaked information that we know some bits about C# 4. Some guess it includes dynamic support, other that it will be more F#-like and add immutability, others that it will introduce some Alef-like threading capabilities.

Then there is talk about .NET 4, and I just have no clue what they will announce.

So what do you think they are announcing this week?

Speculate away in the comments.

Posted on 25 Oct 2008 by Miguel de Icaza
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