In LA for the Microsoft PDC

by Miguel de Icaza

After a great week in Copenhagen with the Unity community I spent 14 hours on a high-tech tin can flying to LA for the Microsoft PDC conference.

Mono Talk

I am doing a talk on Wednesday at 4:45 in room 515B.

Unlike previous talks that I have done about Mono, this is an advanced talk and will skip over all the generalities and go straight to Mono CLI/C# features and innovations.

I decided against talking about Moonlight or APIs, as information about can be better learned elsewhere.


There has been enough leaked information that we know some bits about C# 4. Some guess it includes dynamic support, other that it will be more F#-like and add immutability, others that it will introduce some Alef-like threading capabilities.

Then there is talk about .NET 4, and I just have no clue what they will announce.

So what do you think they are announcing this week?

Speculate away in the comments.

Posted on 25 Oct 2008