Mono on SkyOS

by Miguel de Icaza

Robert, from SkyOS, ported Mono to SkyOS.

On a separate post he talks about challenges he had in porting Mono to SkyOS. In the end he basically implemented the pthreads API that Mono expects, completed some kernel calls and got signals to behave like Posix signals.

The post is interesting for those considering porting Mono to non-POSIX platforms.

Xgl resources

For those of you which are interested in getting Xgl running on your hardware, check the OpenSUSE Xgl and the Compiz wiki pages for the details.

As I mentioned on the previous post compiz is a new window and compositing manager that must be used instead of your current window manager to get the most out of Xgl.

One of the interesting bits about David's compiz architecture is that the actual decoration for you windows has been moved out of the window manager into a separate process. Today there is one decorator implemented gnome-window-decorator, but hopefully more will come in the future.

apt-get on OpenSuse

I am not an apt-get user, but some of my friends are. Yesterday I found out that OpenSUSE (and SUSE) ship with apt-get, and that they can do their apt-getty-related-program-activities in SUSE just fine.

That being said, I am a Red Carpet/ZLM kind of guy (specially considering that the new ZenWorks client is implemented in, surprise surprise, Mono).

Posted on 09 Feb 2006

Imeem Interviewed at the Mac Market

by Miguel de Icaza

The Imeem founders, Jan and Dalton, were interviewed in Apple's Business Mac Market.

"With Mono" says Jan, "we have a low-cost server environment where everything but the UI for the two clients is the same C# code. Then we can use Visual Studio to create a DLL for the Windows client; and Cocoa, Objective C, and Interface Builder for the Mac client. We think we're the first company to create a cross-platform product with this approach."

They talk about Dumbarton, a framework that they built to create applications that mix Cocoa and Mono.

Thanks to Zac for the link.

Posted on 09 Feb 2006

From our Upcoming Album

by Miguel de Icaza

This picture was taken during our practice sessions for our upcoming Album "Adventures of a Spaniard in Boston", featuring the song "Gonzalo":

Miguel de Icaza and Alan Aspuru Practicing.

Posted on 08 Feb 2006

Url me

by Miguel de Icaza

Nat Friedman: what a beautiful mail danw just sent
Nat Friedman: they should teach from that mail in software classes
Miguel de Icaza: Url me
Nat Friedman:

Nat followed up here.

Oh, and here is a picture of Dan:


Oh, and one of Nat:


And this is what a fork looks like:

Oh, and Jakub has a nice XGL Logo.

Update: Alternative link to Dan's post is here.

Posted on 07 Feb 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

Today Novell announced the release of Xgl and Compiz, the new window manager/composition manager to go with it. Novell has the release details here.

Videos of Xgl in action:

  1. True transparency .mpg (12MB)| .ogg (3.7MB) | streaming flash
  2. Zoom .mpg (8.5MB) | streaming flash
  3. Desktop Organization .mpg (16MB) | .ogg (5.7MB) | streaming flash
  4. Spinning Cube .mpg (16MB) | .ogg (7.1MB) | streaming flash

Stephen at CNet puts it in context in his Novell seeks to boost Linux graphics article.

Compiz is a new joint window manager and composition manager. David Reveman had to merge these into a single process to provide the kind of functionality that we wanted on the desktop.

Compiz has a plugin framework, many of the visual effects are implemented by independent plugins. We hope to see numerous plugins for new effects that plug into the existing window manager.

Now, the actual decoration rendering was split out into a separate process. Today Compiz has its own internal rendering of the window decorations which uses Cairo and an alpha channel to render its decorations.

But someone could write a Gnome/Metacity decoration renderer or a KDE decoration rendered. Both would allow existing window manager themes to integrate with Compiz.

Xgl has already been checked into the public repositories, Compiz will be checked in after David Reveman's presentation at the X conference.

Check the Novell page for details on downloading the software.

Posted on 07 Feb 2006

Mono in LinuxAsia 2006

by Miguel de Icaza

Hari, which is in charge of Mono's C# compiler, will be representing Mono at LinuxAsia 2006 in New Delhi. He will do a few talks and will also be at the Novell booth.

Posted on 07 Feb 2006


by Miguel de Icaza

The company where my friend Juantom�s works just got funded by Skype and Google (18 million Euros).

They are pitching an interesting way of providing WiFi access everywhere by having people donate their bandwidth. See what they are doing.

Posted on 06 Feb 2006

XMLmark and Mono Performance Improvements

by Miguel de Icaza

Atsushi has posted the result from his optimization week running the XMLmark benchmark. Very good results for a week of work, the graphs show transactions per second and the Mono revision number:

DOM performance plot SAX performance plot

See his post for all the details on this work.

Windows.Forms updates

Peter has posted an update to the Mono Windows Forms blog on their current work here.

Sebastien posted some nice screenshots of the new region code in libgdiplus:


See his blog for further discussion.

Mono on MacOSX/Intel

Geoff has been working on porting Mono to OSX/Intel, his progres report as well as the testing DMG are here.


For the upcoming versions of Mono, we will be splitting the gtk-sharp packages to reduce the dependencies that a given application needs.

So if you just use Gtk+ your application will not pull all the Gnome stack to run.

Posted on 03 Feb 2006

I love Jackson

by Miguel de Icaza

From #mono-winforms IRC channel today:

<jackson> man at what point in your life do you start bootlegging OS videos.

Posted on 02 Feb 2006

Mono Series from Addison Wesley

by Miguel de Icaza

Erik just announced that he is the series editor for a number of books on Mono for Addison Wesley.

Posted on 01 Feb 2006

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