by Miguel de Icaza

Jacob pointed me today to this post from Alan on the ACPI list:

Sony have their own problems, from trying to sell cd's that will blow up innocent users speakers upwards. The big problem with AML is the moment someone puts any kind of content protection system into their AML control code people will risk a five year jail sentence in the US merely for owning an AML disassembler


The new control center is pretty nice.

The Setup Tools are integrated there as well.


Evolution Beta 2 is out. Probably the most advanced GNOME application out there.

I have started migrating slowly to Evolution, I still have a couple of gigs worth of email in my Gnus setup, so it is going to take some time.

I discovered today that Evolution comes with a set of templates for your email, which makes html mail very pretty. "My Evolution" is also pretty nice, but i do not have screenshots around.

It is extremely usable right now, I was very impressed with this release quality.

The beauty of Evolution is how it integates so many technologies that we have been developing: The HTML engine has turned out to be extremely good with a built-in editor that supports GUI table editing. The Gnome Print setup generates very nice printed output. Gal is the foundation for a lot of the nice widgets on the screen.

So many things to praise about Evolution. The constant work and polish from Anna, Jakub and Tuomas makes the product look very professional. It is really hard to describe, as everywhere I go, there are new features.

Like the calendar now supports displaying per-category icons. Finally I can put all my birthdays with a nice icon.

The VFolders, where I can quickly see if Nat has sent something urgent are really useful as well.

Connected and disconnected operation. Man, where do the features end? Where? Where?

And then the mailer has these beautiful thumbnails on images that people send you. Oh man, this rules.

What am I doing with Gnus is beyond my comprehension.


Got snapshots going today. Me and Dick started looking at the ORP interfaces to reuse their GC system.

Compiler wise, I started generating assemblies with interface data a couple of days ago, I am currently doing the classes. Very nice hacks.

The bottom line is that using System.Reflection.Emit for a compiler is just beautiful. It is simple, and it is trivial. Man, the power.


A new release of SharpDevelop is out.


I finally installed Red Hat 7.1 on my desktop computer. There are so many patches in that kernel. I could not get a kernel with modules by default. I must be missing something.

Anyways, my HP 8230e CD writer is not working (although it seems like drivers/usb/storage knows about this device). It claims that the device refuses to get an address. Oh well.


Going to Mexico tomorrow. I am all excited and stuff.

Posted on 03 Aug 2001