by Miguel de Icaza

Going to San Francisco for LWE. This week is going to be super exciting!

Last night I went to sleep very late, as I was reading some of the Winforms code. Doing a lot of learning, and a lot of coding.

We arrived at the airport at 3:20, the airplane left at 3:25. We were the last two people to jump on board, so we got special seats (seats that are usually reserved for the crew).

There was a little TV, and I asked Nat `What do think that button on the left of the screen does'. This button, I have to say is very misterious. Nat pressed the button a few times.

Later a stewardess came and Nat asked `What does that button do?'. And she answered: `It shuts down the TV for the rest of the flight'. As it turns out, that was not a joke. We flew without any flight entertainment.

The food on AA is getting worse every time I fly it. This time I got chicken, and it consisted of a very very tiny piece of chicken (the equivalent of two mozarella sticks).


The compiler is coming out very nicely. It is amazing how simple the C# language is. It is clean and simple, anyone can write a compiler for this thing with relatively little effort.

Started to read the SGI Pro compiler source code, which is very interesting.

Posted on 26 Aug 2001