by Miguel de Icaza

Wow! So we finally launched the Mono Project. Go check it out! It rules.

The community has been really receptive, and I have tried to keep the FAQ updated and as much documentation as possible since the beginning (hey, our APIs are inline documented with gnome-doc ;-)

Too many things have happened since the last time I updated my diary to remember. Laura came to visit to Boston this week, and I went to New York and had lunch with Mauricio, which was good.


Things at Ximian are as exciting as always. The Red Carpet team has been busy working on their next generation updater features: better, more, faster, nicer, quicker!

Evolution went into a feature freeze last week or so, and the guys are working towards their UI freeze now, followed by their bug freeze. Great stuff.

Nat also has scheduled The Ximian Setup Tools team to release their first public release (btw, it is available through Red Carpet, if you want to try out the all innovative, all ground-breaking technology).


I still think that there is no good infrastructure for building Web applications from my personal experience maintaing my home page (go ahead, laugh at me). I talked to Dave Winer who pointed me out to his manila software, and I will be trying to use it in the next few days.

But I still got this feeling that there-must-be-something-I-am-missing.


After launching Mono, I keep getting the question about Passport, so I decided to write up about it: here


Check out a couple of stories at O'Reilly Network about .NET and Open Source


Currently I am a busy bee, and I am reading as much as possible on code generation. Man, this is wonderful!

Posted on 12 Jul 2001