by Miguel de Icaza

We just released a new version of Mono and MCS, more classes, more stuff. The usual.

Sean has been doing a great job in getting the complete package to build with a single `make' command. We are on our way to pass one entry more in the Joel test.


Today we attacked the Longhorm restaurant. Alex (whooo-pah!) Graveley came to the office to spend some time hacking, he had to (whooo-pah!) go back (whooo-pah!) home.


So I got a Rio Volt player a couple of weeks ago, and I unpacked it today. The next step is to figure out a strategy to put my music on mp3 cds. What theme should each mp3 cd have?

I do not think that a plain dump of my cd collection will do it. I think I am going to need various organizations:

Per artist (so I can hear all the music from a single artist).

Per theme (dancing, programming, chilling out, party, party for american attendees, reading, cooking, walking, sky watching, exploring the universe, looking at core dumps and annoying the neighbors).

I got an external USB HP CD-RW, which does not work on Windows. I tried and tried, and it wont work. And people thought that Linux device drivers were hard. I have a few things to say about USB, HP-RW drivers and Windows 2000.

femme fatales and old girlfriends.

Jacob recently has been trying to go out with some femme fatale (actually, she is more like a wannabe femme fatale).

Jacob should just use the Aztec Kiss.


The more I learn about code compiler-compilers, the more confused I am. LCC is one genuine pieces of beautifully architected code. I wish there were more design documents, and not the line-by-line documentation that the book is.

Regarding the code generator-generators: They are beautiful beasts, and today I learned a few nice tricks like tree pattern matching, which made me feel definely smarter than I was yesterday.

Posted on 14 Jul 2001