by Miguel de Icaza

Today I did my talk at OLS, after having an morning Ximian meeting.

I decided to not talk about Monikers and Bonobo, and instead focused on Ximian's new project: Mono.

There were a lot of interesting things to say about Monikers, specially the fact that our moniker implementation and design is much better than the Microsoft version, simpler, and more general.

Microsoft begun their moniker work as a way of addressing a particular problem (object linking). Eventually, this grew up to be an object naming space, sort of by accident.

We began on the other side of the spectrum: we saw monikers as an object naming space, and we walked towards implementing that. So `object linking' happens to be just one of the uses of monikers in GNOME.

If you are interested in Monikers, you can read the docs we wrote on monikers:

Posted on 27 Jul 2001