by Miguel de Icaza

Its good to be home. After a week outside home sweet home, I returned and saw a Piano. I did not dare to touch it, as I will loose my self respect as a musician.


I have found some very good quotes on the various postings related to Mono, here are some of the jewels I found:

From http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2001/7/27/145058/342

Whether dealing with Microsoft, Adobe, or any other company, the Open Source community has been nothing short of a simulator of the "Infinite Monkey" effect, where our reactions come from all directions and all viewpoints.

This guy makes an interesting point on how to get organized to have a global single-logon system:


I can not find the others, but they were really good. Someone said something on Petreley: He does not understand a lot about .NET, but he is very afraid of what he does not know

I wish I could get the original quote.


My friend Popochas in Mexico today pointed me to his new news site: http://cofradia.org, beautiful logo. A web site to discuss open source news for the mexican community.

Today they ran an article that talks about Proceso coverage on the Fox/Gates meeting: here.


The article I wrote on my thoughts on Passport that is on the Mono site appeared on Slashdot today, together with a link to Joe Barr's Linuxtoday article.

Many interesting comments, and I have updated the Passport page to reflect the comments from various people.


I did not know that SSH did not quite work correctly if the authorized keys did not have a space between the comma in the options and the actual key.

This caused some lost time for the various developers that wanted to use the CVS. It should be fixed now, and I apologized already for the mistakes on your's truly ;)

Posted on 30 Jul 2001