by Miguel de Icaza

Stealth viruses: ``Only in the World of Windows would adding 137kilo-bloat to a word processor document be considered "stealthy."''


How to Open SirCam files safely


My record in mail sending has reached this month a new peak: 1679 mails sent so far this month (from Gnus, which is actually a partial count, that does not account for M-x mail and mail) . Compared to my last record: 1290 in May 2000.


Eric Raymond on himself:

Ever since I did "The New Hacker's Dictionary" back in 1991, I've had a strong and humbling feeling that the hacker culture invented me in order to see itself more clearly -- that my recent power as an advocate comes, when it comes, from expressing as purely as possible the dreams and aspirations and values of the hacker tribe.

Posted on 31 Jul 2001