by Miguel de Icaza

Spent all day at company meetings outside Boston.


Went to an AOL meeting to discuss possible involvements of Ximian and AOL: an AOL PC and an AOL Media Console. The people involved in the meeting did not think the AOL PC is a worth project to pursue (mostly from the AOL TV and Instant AOL projects), although the office of the CTO seems to think that a proper response to .NET must be done.


Went to Harvard Square for dinner with Alex after I came back from my trip, we had lunch at the eastern restaurant and hanged around the place watching people play. Of course anything that is not typing in a keyboard makes Alex uneasy, so we had to leave after his repeated nodding.

Dragged Alex home, hoping we would hit some of the dance clubs where this under-21 year old gentelman could dance, but ended up in my appartment dancing with Abby.

Nat went to New Hampshire to an `attitude re-adjustment class' which will teach him not to speed. He might have gotten a better deal if instead of showing up to court with a lawyer to defend the Yupi boy with a BMW had just shown up alone.

Posted on 04 May 2001