by Miguel de Icaza

Woke up really late (3pm) as the night before I managed to go to sleep really late again.

I did some nice breakfast today, I decided to make some crepes, and as it turns out, I made some magnificient crepes, I did not expect the job to be so easy.

Nat came back from the New Hampshire: he missed his attitude re-adjustment class (he overslept) and came back. He went directly to do some drinking with the now-21 Assbarn CEO Joe.


Went to see Platoon to the midnight show in the Fenway, this is the first time I see this movie. This is increasing my Oliver Stone set of movies I have seen. I failed to recognize if he was trying to tell a different side of the story of the vietnam war, or not.


Continued reading ` Smoke and Mirrors' a book about the War on Drugs in the United States. How it begun and the politics behind it. I originally got interested in the topic after reading John Gilmore's web site.

The whole war on drugs thing is pretty sad, because legal and medical uses of Mariguana are discouraged by a combination of panic, miss-information on the general population and the politics behind it.


I keep enjoying my new aquisitions: Hola and Chao from the Fabulosos Cadillacs.


I keep hacking on my C# Compiler

Got inherited classes working, interfaces and a few more things being parsed. Constants are recorded and dumped as well as block variables being dumped to the C# backend of the compiler.

Posted on 05 May 2001