by Miguel de Icaza

Ok, finally finished the Linux Magazine article, and I am pretty happy with the results. Now I need to bounce it back and forth a few times until all the rough spots in my written english are gone.

I have been listening to some nice Indian rock that I bought a year ago in Mexico at Mix Up.


Around midnight I went dancing to the Axis with Alex and Iain. The music was so-so as usual, but we can not go anywhere else as Alex is not 21 yet, and wears these white "please watch that I am wearing" sneaker anywhere.

Later when the club shut down we went to the Blue Dinner and had some cheese omelette. Ran into a friend, and Chris Lahey joined us as well.

Came back to the office, tried to keep up with e-mail, tried to keep up with my web reading experience, and ended up going to sleep at 6am again.

Posted on 12 May 2001