by Miguel de Icaza

Woke up really late, and kept reading `Smoke and Mirrors' a fascinating book on the history of the war on drugs in the United States.

I was prompted to read this book after I read the chilling description from John Gilmore on his web page.

After reading the book, there are few things worth mentioning:

  • The US begun as a very idealistic country with a set of very idealistic core rights for every citizen that seems to have been dismantled by either political agendas, corporations, lobying and a few individuals in strong positions. Like various ammendments gave people a number of rights that no longer exist, which brings into consideration why would you even keep them if they are not valid.

  • That corruption happens everywhere, and that Mexico is not alone here.

  • Propaganda is used in a different form in democratic countries, as it needs to improve over the simplistic Orwellian basics (cool Chomski article on the topic here: http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Senate/3761/prop.html. I wish I could find the original link, but I cant right now.

The reading triggered some interesting discussion with Michael Meeks at the office yesterday and we did some looking around the web, there are a number of interesting sites discussing various pros and cons of marijuana and advocating its legalization or its complete banning. NORML is one. There is also some interesting reading here:: http://www.ecstasy.org


I have been reading The Noam Chomski Archive and the Bad News: Noam Chomski web sites.

I also got my hands on an interview with Richard Stallman on Copyrights and Globalization. I have been trying to remember where I got the link to it from, and I can not find the article again, but I will post it here when I have a chance.


Today Daniel Kornhauser and I cooked mexican dinner at home, and invited a bunch of friends over. We did some meat with adobo which was just absolutely tasty as well as black bean soup and had nice tamarindo water and crepas con cajeta.

Posted on 13 May 2001