by Miguel de Icaza

Alex and Cheridy dragged Nat and me to the Axis for another night of lame music. Apparently today was the day where the `good music' plays. We discovered again, that the music was as bad as always.

So we stood there talking about Ximian while Alex danced and Cheridy watched Alex look like a compact squid dancing.


Came back the day before from work at around 3am with Michael. And we did some debating on the kitchen.

Later I did some reading before going to sleep of a book called `Drugs: should we penalize, decriminalize or regulate'. A set of articles from all the sides involved in thew war in drugs.

So again I went to sleep around 5am.

At 6am Nat's alarm clock woke me up (Nat just will not wake up, so I have go to his bedroom and kick him to turn the thing off).

He likes to press on the `snooze' button instead of turning it off. I figured `maybe he has a meeting', but I figured wrong, he was just trying to `start the day early'.

Of course the alarm clock went off another two times, and each time I had to leave my bed, walk to Nat's room and wake him up. After the third time I could not sleep anymore, so I took a shower under the false impression that it was 9:30am.

Little did I know that it was 7am. It will remain a mistery why I thought it was 9:30am. So I came to work, and found the office empty, and only then I noticed it was 7:45.

Later that day, I felt bad for not sleeping and was not being too productive, so went back to sleep at around 3pm hoping to be woken up by Amanda at 5pm, but I did not. So instead I woke up at 7:30m, ready to watch the Season Finale of Friends.

RACHEL IS PREGNANT. Yes, Rachel by the end of the episode is pregnant, but we do not know who the father is. I just hope it is not either Tag or Ross. I hate them. I would be ok if the father of the baby is Joey.

And of course Chandler freaked out about marriage, but Ross saved the day with his Karate knowledge.

I also seem to have gotten dumped.


I started a rearchitecture of the type handling in the compiler, just to find a few hours later that rearchitecting the type handling during a period of sleep deprivation lead to too many warnings. So I took the hint and went to sleep as described above.


We have a new Canon photo copier in the office that acts also as a network postscript printer. So I printed the new drafts from the ECMA standard.


Nat aka `Commander Flibbity Gibbits' together with AssBarn productions sent out the invitaion for the party at our place.

Posted on 17 May 2001