by Miguel de Icaza

Dear Berkster, the code I had in file-sel for loading directories was a quick hack, and you should probably drop it all in favor of a full gnome-vfs aware piece of code.


Michael Meeks has got ORBit2 generating some tiny, tiny stubs and skeletons. Which is good for the platform. He also added a CORBA "strace" like facility, so you can see all the calls being done as he is now using a typecode-based generic marshaller.


Paolo has done a great job in making the Perl Bonobo bindings move along. The nice thing is that with Perl there is no need to create any stubs or skeletons, things just plain work.

He has a number of nice demos in his gnome-perl module in the GNOME CVS. Vladimir used this to write a quick Next-like file browser built all with Bonobo components in Perl in an afternoon. Very very slick. Vlad also made use of his media player component.


Urquijo reports from the EU meeting on Open Source that things are moving nicely over there.


He has been working on the supporting the GNOME 2 platform with Bonobo-Conf as well as the current platform. Of course Bonobo-Conf rules (the "ideas" behind bonobo-conf were first explored in the Monikers for Bonobo document.

Some documentation for the new bonobo-conf system are available here.


Today's Mozilla snapshot is nice as it does completion as IE5 does, which is good. But the snapshot crashes when downloading files, so I had to move back to 0.9.

Mozilla is amazingly fast these days.


Later that night, Iain, Alex and me went dancing on a pre-21 thing for Alex birthday. Of course, both Iain and Alex wear snickers. And not those of the discrete kind. They wear those blind-me white snickers (that Alex for some reason thinks are a sign of individual uniqueness), so we managed to not get into the Roxy.

So we ended up in a small, not that classy place with horrible R+B place. Which Iain and I could tolerate, but which triggered Alex's sensitivity i-am-too-cool-to-listen-to-anything-but-elite-music sensor, so he enganged in moaning, complaining and bitching. I should have known better from last week's experience with Alex.

He is cool on the outside, but in the inside he is even more picky than my most snob friends. So he left, and we came back to the R+B place to finish. Later apparently he felt guilty and made up some story and we ended up at the Blue Dinner again, where I enjoyed some nice pancakes.

Posted on 18 May 2001