by Miguel de Icaza

I left Nat and Taylor talking about which t-shirt to take to their trip to Bahamas around 4am.

Going to sleep at 4:30 is really bad, because the birds start to sing really loud. So I have a hard time trying to sleep. Who would have thought that the beautiful sing of a bird would be so stressing when you are trying to sleep.

Although I woke up at 3:30pm, a combination of people calling on the phone to check on what I had for breakfast and Michael's alarm clock going off at 10am, I had a bad sleeping experience.


Went quickly to the office to check e-mail, nothing really interesting, but a few emails from rms asking me to say `gnu/linux' in a place or two.


Went to visit my friend Daniel to the Media Lab, where I got a demo of a bunch of cool things. I got to see the electronic ink, and a nice piece of software for kids to program little robots. And a lot of little robots. Pretty slick.


Went with Daniel to Vivian's birthday party, met a bunch of people. Had some nice mexican and spanish food for dinner there.

I got really tired around 10pm, so I went back home to sleep.


Did some e-mail reading, and some more reading of the system.reflection api. Trying to achieve the nirvana here.

Posted on 19 May 2001