by Miguel de Icaza

So Chema went skydiving to California and achieved some kind of record.


GNOME has been mentioned a few times in EWeek in the past month, and I had not noticed until my friend Leila told me about it. Today's note, this one talks about us, and this one talks about Ximian's Red Carpet


Sun released GNOME 1.4 for Solaris which is pretty cool. Now Solaris Intel and Solaris SPARC users can get enjoy GNOME.


I am still impressed by Guavac, the design is very elegant (just like my compiler, ahem, *cough*, *cough*) and I learned a few tricks in there: how to detect the use of uninitialized variables and I learned how it does type resolution.

Very nice code. I mailed the author (David Engberg), I tried to find other software written by him afterwards, but could not find much.


Lauris is making progress, and we got some input from Federico on how to support the OMNI drivers in `low memory consumption mode'.


Smoke and Mirrors is a book that you *have* to read, but here is a new review I found.


Alex has put out the first public release of Soup, the SOAP implementation for GNOME.


I had lunch with Mexico's consul in Boston at what used to be Legal Sea Foods, very close to the Arlington station. An interesting character.


Finally got my printed documentation bound. My life is a bit cleaner as I dont have to keep paper all over my office in unbound format.


Went with the guys for drinking culture tonight at Bukowski's Tavern. Had some lasagna, and came back to work.


OpenCola released SwarmCast today.


Subscribers are still pouring into the GNOME Love effort, and we are starting to see some contributions. We feel all good and nice citizens.


Getting another Aeron chair, this time for home. So I can hack from the comfort of my bedroom.


Provided me with the Article to that great RMS presentation on MIT about copyrights and globalization.

RMS can be a really nice person if you know how to get the best out of him.

Posted on 23 May 2001