by Miguel de Icaza

Jacob has got also the icon-view mode mode working on the file selector. Today's version is pretty sweet


The raving review for Pearl Harbor from MrCranky


Heard my friend Sergio on the Radio today.


A new release of the great Ximian Setup Tools is out, the team got support for SuSE, Red Hat 7.1 and Debian Woody on this release, plus a load of fixes, and many improvements. Progess is being done at an amazing pace.


I have been listening for some time to Ian explain to me the problems that RPM and the libRPM has. RPM was born as a good solution (by 1996 standards) for the problem of package management. But the library apparently changes the API, the ABI and the database format on every release (even on micro-updates the ABI changes, funfun). So Red Carpet actually has to cope with those problems by dynamically loading the library, and depending on the version, finding the correct entry points for the library.

Pretty CRAZY if you ask me.


I think I am going to purchase the new Sony laptop

Posted on 25 May 2001