by Miguel de Icaza

Jetlagged and woke up at 2am, ran into Nat on irc.

Went to the conference center and found that the GNOME booth was completely crowded! The guys in charge of the GNOME booth had been doing some excellent demos.

A bunch of pictures (no thumbnails) from the Frankfurt trip are also available.

Went to a panel on Open Source, met Roberto Zicari on the panel (after so many years of emailing each other).

Did my Mono presentation

Flew to Madrid very tired.


Ismael, Juantom�s and Amaya picked me up at the airport.

Mandatory dinner in town, we went to the Galician restaurant close to Ismael's house (which is now close to Juantom�s' new office).

Stayed at Ismael's

Posted on 01 Nov 2001