by Miguel de Icaza

Today Anindita, Iain, Alex and I went to see Noam Chomsky's talk at MIT.

Very good, I even took some notes, but they are incomplete, and you might be better off reading some of his recent interviews at ZNet. The MSNBC Chat With Noam has some of the content that was discussed today.


This is my second day trying to re-organize the expression handling in the C# compiler to cope with Indexers and Properties correctly.

The problem is that so far my whole model for evaluating expressions consisted of recursively asking each expression to "resolve" itself (which was perfect until this point). The resolution process might return a different object and by the time it returns, it has to set two values in the base: the Type of the expression and the expression classification.

This breaks in some cases, because there is no guarantee that indexers will have both their set and get properties, and the argument (that can be properly implicitly converted, and hence used in an OverloadResolve operation) is not available unless it is the left side of an assignment. So, I have to do a lot of work to reorganize the sources around this change.


I am still sick from whatever I got on saturday, am starting to get better slowly, but the weather and the random changes in temperature at night have not helped.

Posted on 18 Oct 2001