by Miguel de Icaza

Today we celebrated Ximian's 2 year anniversary in the company. Bijan and David were out on a business trip, and we missed them.

The spirit of the hackers at Ximian was present in the lounge as Nat had passed out from working 50 hours straight without sleeping. We also had to wake up Dan who also had passed out. Shortly after the celebration Vladimir passed out.

So Ximian is as busy as we have always been.

My camera is still at home so no pictures from me.

Chomksy Audio

The audio for yesterday's talk on Chomsky is now available in Real Audio format: Chomsky at MIT Audio


I have now installed my new Red Hat 7.1 on my new machine and reinstalled VMware as well as all the software I use for developing Mono. Tomorrow I will be migrating my data from my current hard drive to the new hard drive and hopefully I can go on my trip with my new computer.

Hopefully I will be able to run Gnome on AA mode, Duncan has been helping me out, as he has setup a beautiful desktop on his machine. I finally got everything working the way I wanted, although I am not very pleased with the anti-aliased fonts on my desktop, I think I will go back to the sharp fonts that I have been using.


I have been running Nautilus with Tuomas and Jakub's SVG artwork, and it looks so much nicer than anything I have used before.

If I had copious spare time I would be hacking the task-oriented features of the new Windows file manager into it, it should be pretty simple to do.

It is definetly a task for the various hackers in GNOME Love to do.


I am convinced that we need to get a Galeon component for Nautilus which would bring the all nice browsing capabilities and the supporting infrastructure of browsing into the Gnome shell.

Posted on 19 Oct 2001