Los Angeles

by Miguel de Icaza

As usual, I woke up and stayed in bed, so I spend most of my 60 minutes that I had reserved for having breakfast at home, taking a long shower and all that stuff in bed instead.

Made it to the airport. They now check your boarding pass when you enter the restricted area and before you board the plane. You also need it to get during baggage claim.

The airplane food used to be passable, I never complained about it (with the notable exception of TWA food which consisted of a piece of bread with a piece of ham and water). But these days the food is just bad.


Got to see my sister and her husband. She took us to a Oaxacan mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, and I had a wonderful barbacoa. It was so tasty. Jacob would have loved it, although he probably would just have ordered a burrito.

I forgot to bring my camera, so I have no evidence.

Posted on 22 Oct 2001