by Miguel de Icaza

Another long day at the PDC; Ran into Ben a couple of times. He finally got his Mac wavelan to work at the show.

I decided to skip the concert as I was too tired and had a headache, so I went back to the hotel to sleep for a few hours before I went for dinner with Pilar and Sid.


My sister picked me up at the hotel and we went over to her house which turns out to be perfectly decorated by things that both her and Sid have painted, built, designed and assembled.

It was pretty amazing, I took lots of pictures of her house, it is a very nice place. Sid is a really creative person and builds all sorts of things.

They both like LA.

Posted on 24 Oct 2001

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Pilar and Sid have been working on their costumes for Halloween and they decided this year to use some science fiction characters, so they had been working on all the pieces: the dress, and the gadgets. I am not sure if I took pictures of that though. We had dinner in a nice restaurant called `North' in Sunset boulevard. We had a good night.