by Miguel de Icaza

Today was the meeting of the GNOME Foundation's Advisory Board. It was great to see everyone again at the conference. During lunch, I picked Keith's brain about the history of X (again, in my quest to dig more in the history of software than software itself).

The faith of OpenLook compared to Motif and how a consortium pushed for bad technologies to be adopted by technologies that were worst than what Sun and ATT had developed. Really interesting.

Jim and Keith were running beautifully configured X servers with anti-aliasing, apparently I had never correctly configured my system, because Keith later during the week fixed my X configuration and I have the best anti-aliased desktop (after installing GdkXft).

Evolution is so beautiful. It is a joy to read email with the anti-aliased, sub-pixel rendered fonts.

I met for the first time Don from HP. Also the Mandrake guys demostrated their `Tasks' feature that they incorporated from Debian: a very nice idea to simplify the use of Linux.


I would love if Ximian would ship GnomeMeeting. I have been asking Nat for this for a few months, but so far I had no luck. At least it seems like we will be shipping the enhanced Mozilla that does anti-aliasing, because it is so beautiful.

Posted on 03 Apr 2002