by Miguel de Icaza

Recently my friend Alan got me to read `Blindness' from Jos� Saramago, and I loved the book immediately. The book is being removed from bookstores in Israel.

Jos� Saramago (Nobel prize winer for literature) went to Palestine and was interviewed. I have only got pieces of it, and I am trying to find an english translation, I have a copy in spanish.


The Amnesty International report: Israel and the Occupied Territories: a must read, a quote from the Amnesty report:

''The military operations we have investigated appear to be carried out not for military purposes but instead to harass, humiliate, intimidate and harm the Palestinian population. Either the Israeli army is extremely ill-disciplined or it has been ordered to carry out acts which violate the laws of war.''

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, March 5, 2002, talking to the press:

``The Palestinians must be hit and it must be very painful. We must cause them losses, victims, so that they feel the heavy price''

Robert Fisk on the Jenin massacre. 150 civilians murdered by the Israeli Army. In the meantime, everyone is sitting still, watching what is that there is

Chomsky talks about US-Israel-Palestine.

Posted on 15 Apr 2002