by Miguel de Icaza

The Guardian reports on a very interesting study done by the Glasgow University Media Group. on how the Palestine news are reported and why people do not understand what is going on.

Gershon Baskin:

They don't have faith in UN Resolutions. They see that that the entire world could not even send one Red Cross Ambulance into Jenin to rescue even one single life. Bush, Powell, Prince Abdallah, King Abdallah, President Mubarak, all of them and others can do nothing to help the Palestinians.


First the carrot, then the stick Behind the Carnage in Palestine.

Israel invasion.

Some accounts from international volunteers that are trying to help the population in Nablus:

Israel continues its invasion, after the successful cover up for the Jenin massacre, the Israel military continues the various violations to human rights and the agreements of the Fourth Generva Convention in Nablus: `No ambulances are allowed in':

There are few patients in the hospital, not because there are few injuries or deaths, but because ambulances are not allowed by the Israeli military to reach the dead and dying.

Of course, who cares about the 4th Geneva Convention agreements, when you already ignore years of resolutions from the UN to withdrew from the territories you illegally occupy?

UN Vetos

Why has the US consistently vetoed the UN Resolution 272, which calls for Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories?

Posted on 17 Apr 2002