Free Software UI

by Miguel de Icaza

A great piece from Havoc on Free Software UI.

Not only he answers the question of user interface design in free software, but also some more organizational issues of a project of the size of Gnome


Hakam Kanafani is the CEO for Palestinian telecom company. He has a diary of the last two weeks.

My take: Palestinians will be erradicated from the region, this year, or in the next 30 years. It is Israel objective, (see the older links for the history of the conflict). Terrorism is just today's excuse.

If I were a Palestinian, I would just leave any land Israel claims to have divine rights to and move to a different country. Israel has no intention of any co-habitation in the area. The sooner people get out of there, the better for their families.


Today Alex said to me `If you have two groups of people who hate each other and one of them is going door by door looking for terrorists, what do you expect to happen?'

Of course, you have to wonder, how Apache missiles targeted at buildings in Jenin were supposed to hit a terrorist.

People are not allowed back in Jenin either (guess touching Jenin turns you into a terrorist), so they just shoot at them.

Posted on 20 Apr 2002