by Miguel de Icaza

The Guardian: Red Cross and Amnesty International say attack violated Geneva accords: Amnesty International concurred and called for an investigation on the same basis as the war crimes inquiries in the Balkans.

An account of Israel War Crimes in the past few days.

Like shooting an american young mother that was holding her 9-month old kid on her arms. Collateral damage. Maybe she had evil thoughts that had to be eliminated.

Research Guide

A Research Guide to the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

Work out your own conclussions.

Destroy their roots.

why they had to do this? To demoralize the population:

Let's not deceive ourselves; this was not a mission to search and destroy the terrorist infrastructure. If the forces breaking into every hard disk of every bank and clinic, commercial consultant's office or PA ministry, thought that a list of weapons or wanted men was inside the disk, all they had to do was copy the information and pass it on to the Shin Bet. If they thought incriminating evidence was hidden in the Education Ministry and the International Bank of Palestine and in a shop that rents prosthetics, the soldiers would have examined document after document, and not thrown the files on the floor without opening them.

Keeping an eye for justice:

From here:

The globalization movement isn't anti-Semitic, it just hasn't fully confronted the implications of diving into the Middle East conflict. Most people on the left are simply choosing sides and in the Middle East, where one side is under occupation and the other has the U.S. military behind it, the choice seems clear. But it is possible to criticize Israel while forcefully condemning the rise of anti-Semitism.

And it is equally possible to be pro-Palestinian independence without adopting a simplistic "pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel" dichotomy, a mirror image of the good-versus-evil equations so beloved by President George W. Bush.

Posted on 24 Apr 2002