by Miguel de Icaza

Today I got back to hack, and I managed to finish the dead code removal code in the compiler. I also started fixing some bugs that I started looking into this weekend.

More to come.

Defining terrorism.

A simple definition of terrorism:

Fuzzy and ideological definitions of terrorism just make it easier to kill people. When you know your actions will kill innocent non-combatants, that's terrorism. And it must be clearly named as unacceptable - no matter who does it (individuals, groups, or states), and whatever the weapons, the expressed intentions, or political justifications. Deliberately taking the lives of innocent civilians must simply be morally condemned. That's a clear definition of terrorism and a beginning of resistance to it.


The West Bank Conflict in 3D. A set of picture essays by Architect Eyal Weizman. There is one new episode coming every day for seven days: 1 and 2 were the Maps; 3. Hills and Valleys; 4. West Bank Settlements; 5. From Water to Shit.

Generals and Israel

An article from linguist Tanya Reinhart from the university of Tel Aviv: Israel: The Generals' grand design


We still do not know what has happened in Jenin: but the Israeli Occupation Forces provide us with to prove that nothing really happened.

A separate measurement of the destruction by David Chandler

Palestine Remembered

Very interesting site, containing pictures of the occupation (before, during and after).

It comes with per-city pictures, testimonials, maps, and a message board.

Chomsky makes a much better case explaining the issues than the people on that web site.

Posted on 30 Apr 2002