by Miguel de Icaza

* Perpetual War Portfolio

Death is the best investment: The Perpetual War Portfolio.

* Open Secrets: how is the government ran

Democracy today is not ran by the people, but by corporations that purchase their own leader. has the data on contributions to the ellections.

* The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:

I contributed this post to a thread on slashdot.

* Pentagon Papers

I have been fascinated by the process through which Daniel Ellsberg leaked the Vietnam study that was commisioned by McNamara to the New York Times.

Daniel Ellsberg wrote a book after 30 years of silence called `Secrets'. There are a couple of interviews with him in Salon: `My only regret' and a recent interview:

The man who leaked the Pentagon Papers talks about why five American presidents lied about Vietnam -- and how to get the truth on Iraq.

Audio from the Nixon phone conversations when the Pentagon Papers were leaked out to the New York Times. Amazing recordings. The call with Kissinger actually started the "plumbers" mess that would eventually lead to Watergate, and later to his impeachment.

* Found the National Security Archive

Lots of information on US National Security. Including information from the Pentagon Papers incident.

* Operation Enduring Fredom: Best Bloopers

Can be found: here

* Oil

My friend Adam gave me a link to this interesting story on oil

* Am I a terrorist or Not?

Am I a Terrorist or Not. Not funny.

* What the world thinks in 2002.

An interesting poll about what people think in 2002.

* Mozilla 1.2.1 and new Galeon

Am using a set of RPMs compiled by Duncan, and the Xft packages for Ximian and am loving my web browsing experience with the new Xft2-based Mozilla and Galeon.

Mozilla 1.2.1 is significantly faster, and the Typeahead features of it are a delight to use.

Posted on 08 Dec 2002