Final day

by Miguel de Icaza

Today was the last day of LWE. As usual, these things consume all of your waking hours, and by the last day I was pretty tired.

The show was over relatively early, and everyone at Ximian had gone home (the two options we had were: to take a boat ride in NY or eat lobster in Boston). Patrick, Mancha and myself stayed another day to enjoy New York a bit more. We had dinner and a greek waiter at "Pete's" with the Rutgers University LUG members.


Afterwards we catched the `De la Guarda' show in Union Square per Patrick's advise. Lovely show. Worth watching a couple of times. The NY times said about this show `Better than Sex'. Patrick, always full of expressivity summarized it with `No mames'.


We met with our friends from NYU (Felix, Mauricio, Ramon) and went for some bar hoping, despite the fact that everyone was very tired. Here are four mexicans in the third stop that night.


Attempted dinner at 2am `El Coyote Cojo de las Nalgas Pintas' in the Village (see picture for evidence). Met with Mauricio's friend Alma Marcela (Silva de Alegria) at the last stop.

Nice evening. Given that Patrick talked to everyone we ran into in the streets, cabs, shops or bars. More than one cab driver knows about Patrick's new son Nicolas.

Mexico City

Earlier this year I was in Mexico City:

Roberto, Coffee shop.
Plaza Loreto, Jan 1st.
Raymond Hall.

Posted on 01 Feb 2002