by Miguel de Icaza

From Time Magazine: How the US killed the Wrong Soldiers:

Two dead Afghans were found with their wrists bound. One U.S. soldier left behind a note: "Have a nice day. From Damage Inc." Days after the attack, the classrooms at the school were still soaked in thick blood. Surveying the carnage, a Uruzgan elder said, "The U.S. must be punished for what they did in this room." Even mistakes aren't easily forgotten.

Made me think of The My Lai Massacre. Kind of like this

Black-Hawk-Down and Propaganda

I was pondering whether I should watch this movie. Today I made up my mind not to watch it. At The Guardian.

Embedded Gtk

Interesting read.


Chomksy is talking this week in Cambridge. Just got his new book 9/11.

Am reading also Catch-22, very amusing so far.

Posted on 04 Feb 2002